EmilyWessner“Our 3 kids have gotten braces here and always had a great experience and everyone was always very helpful. The result after their braces were always so surprising because their teeth look so much better than before. I would recommend to anyone who needed braces to come here.” – Chris Heim

"My son, Seth, has been a patient at Sadowski Orthodontics since he was 8.  I can't say enough of good things about the staff and doctor, how kind and welcoming they all make you feel.  I am very pleased with our whole experience.  Absolutely love seeing my sons new and improved smile.  Thank you for all you do!"  – Sarah Ames

"We had a wonderful experience at Sadowski Orthodontics.  The staff was always friendly and answered all of our questions at the visits.  Thank you for the wonderful treatment my daughter received."  – Nicole Blain 

"We are very satisfied with our experience.  Our daughter's teeth turned out beautiful.  We never had any issues.  Everyone at the office is very friendly.  We recommend Sadowski Orthodontics." – The Salerno's 

Reiley Lonergan

"I would like to thank Dr. Sadowski and his staff for making my son's smile look like a million bucks and making us feel like part of the family.  I appreciate the time they spend with you when you have questions or concerns.  I strongly recommend Dr. Sadowski and staff for anyone that wants/needs braces.  You will definitely not be disappointed." – Wendy Harhigh 


"Our orthodontic experience at Dr. Sadowski's has been outstanding!  Michael actually enjoys coming to appointments and absolutely loves the staff, Dr. Sadowski and the welcoming atmosphere!  Thank you all so much for making his journey to a bright, beautiful smile an excellent one!"  Mrs. Makowski

"Thank you Dr. Sadowski and staff at Sadowski Orthodontics for a fantastic orthodontic experience! Time really does fly by and I am amazed at the results.  My treatment at your office was a comfortable and friendly environment.  What a great staff providing great care.  I highly recommend Sadowski Orthoontics to anyone seeking state-of-the-art orthodontic care.  I will miss you all!!!!" – Ruthann Rusnock 

"The staff is always so nice and friendly.  They really care for their patients.  It's always a good experience."  – Aimee Knorr

“Thank you Dr. Sadowski and crew for taking awesome care of Dylan throughout this whole time process. I reallyEmma Behun appreciate all you have done! You can't put a price on a beautiful smile. It's an amazing place to come and feel comfortable. All of my questions and concerns were answered with respect. Thank you again Sadowski Orthodontics!!” – Trish Young

“My daughter, Rebecca, always refused to smile until she decided that she wanted braces. We heard good things about Dr. Sadowski and his team, so when we came down and she got braces on without a hitch. Now, two years later, they look beautiful and we couldn't be happier with the results.” – Annette Houser

“Not having braces when I was younger, I was a little skeptical about having them when I was older. Any doubt I had about it, Dr. Sadowski and his team quickly faded when I spoke with them. They made the process easy to understand and much quicker using the AcceleDent. It was painless and easy. I strongly recommend Dr. Sadowski and his team for helping me through my doubts about getting a better smile!” – Jennifer Hart

“My treatment experience with Dr. Sadowski and his staff was fantastic! The doctor and his staff were always polite, kind and professional. As an adult patient, I can honestly say that I am thrilled with my entire experience and outcome. My 8-year-old twins will be patients of Dr. Sadowski in the near future. I recommend Dr. Sadowski to everyone!” – Jeff Becker

Marielle Annelise Przywara“We have had a wonderful experience being patients of Sadowski Orthodontics. My three daughters’ smiles are beautiful! I will recommend Sadowski Orthodontics to everyone. My girls looked forward to going to every appointment. The staff are so friendly and nice and actually made our visits very pleasurable. Thank you Dr. Sadowski and staff for the tremendous service and quality care you have given to our family. Three daughters down, one more to go!!” – Lisa Derrick

“Our experience has been absolutely wonderful. Staff has ALWAYS been kind, helpful and professional. We are glad we chose Dr. Sadowski for Justin’s orthodontic needs!” – Robert Mahalchick

“Since the very first day everyone has been so friendly and kind. Love everyone and want to send a special thank you to Kim Marr and John Sadowski. Truly like a big happy family. Will be stopping to visit for sure. Thank you Sadowski Orthodontics!!! :) PS The twins will be seeing you in the future! :) :)” – Angela Hannon

“My experience at Sadowski Orthodontics was amazing! Everyone there is extremely kind and make you feel welcomed and comfortable. My experience was great. I can’t believe how quickly two years went by. Plus my teeth look amazing. I am so happy with the outcome and the orthodontist I choose to make me feel better about myself and make my teeth look so good!! :)” – Courtney Kraemer 

“The staff at Dr. Sadowski's has always been more than helpful and sweet to my daughter. My child has an amazingKatie Kurzinksy smile and is so proud to share it with the world! Thank you Dr. Sadowski and everyone who has made this entire experience a very positive one. You Guys Rock!!” – Joleen (Paris Williams' mother)

“Before having my braces I never smiled with my mouth open. Throughout my time at Dr. Sadowski's, I've noticed a ton of change in my smile. I couldn't be happier!” – Elizabeth Radecsky

“I appreciate Dr. Sadowski's gentle and polite demeanor. The staff is wonderful! They care about the patient's comfort and well-being. I had an evaluation elsewhere, but when I met Dr. Sadowski and his staff I knew I was in the right place!” – Jeff Becker

“What a wonderful experience. Dr. Sadowski and staff were always helpful and understanding. I would and do recommend whenever I can.” – Liz and Brianna Ryan

“Friendly staff! On time appointments! Nice atmosphere! Knowledgeable service!” – Julia Bendetti

“My experience has been better than expected as an adult going through the process and having to bring my 2-year-old to every appointment. The staff and Dr. Sadowski have always gone over and beyond not only to accommodate, but also make us feel welcome. The girls in the office are great not only providing great orthodontic care, but taking the time to know you on a personal level and not just the next patient.” – Danielle Pearce

Vanessa Klemas“Being one of Dr. Sadowski's "oldest" (shall I say older than 55, but younger than 65) clients, I can say that I have nothing but great respect and appreciation for Dr. S. and all of his staff. They are always sweet and sincere with everything they say and do. My braces are coming off next month, and I'm so excited. My husband is almost more excited than I am. He's saying "you are going to have the most beautiful smile!" Thanks Dr. S. and Staff!” – Cindy Schlegel

“At the age of 67 I was told I needed braces. At first I was apprehensive, but Dr. Sadowski and everyone involved made me feel like family. The doctor has gone beyond my expectations with all he has done to help me have a beautiful smile. I must say, I miss my monthly visits. I miss the girls and I miss the doc's and I conversations on interesting subjects. They are the best!!!” – Darlene Dolzani

“Sadowski was fantastic! Very pleased with the care my daughter received and how beautiful her smile is. The office setting is very comfortable as well as the entire staff. Highly recommend Sadowski Orthodontics! My husband and I couldn’t be happier with our daughter’s experience. Thank You!” – Leroy and Beth Boyer THE BOYERS

“My daughter and I absolutely love love everyone at Sadowski Orthodontics. My daughter, Kylee, says that everyone here at this office is family and she loves to come to her orthodontist appointments. My daughter actually loves having braces as Dr. Sadowski and staff make her feel so comfortable and Dr. Sadowski makes having braces fun! Thank you Sadowski Orthodontics!" – Jodie E Mowrer and Kylee E Mowrer

Three of my children have had experience with Dr. Sadowski and his staff. We have always been treated withMegan Schmidt professionalism and courtesy as well as continued excellence of care. The results have been tremendous, such obvious improvement in their tooth placement!” – Alberta M. Joyce-Bell

“I had a great experience here. Everyone was very friendly and did whatever to make me as comfortable as possible with my braces. I’m very satisfied with my teeth and couldn’t be happier.” – Lexy Canfield

“I just wanted to thank Dr. Sadowski and his staff for the wonderful job they did on making my smile BEAUTIFUL! Dr. Sadowski was right on target with the removal of my braces and, as an adult, I could not be more satisfied with the care and results of his expertise. I definitely recommend Dr. Sadowski for adult and pediatric orthodontics. Dr. Sadowski also did a wonderful job on both of my children’s smiles! Thank you!” – Diane Malick

“Thank you Dr. Sadowski! Because of you I now have the perfect smile to enter the Miss Teen PA contest!!” – Angela Ogrodnick

“Thank you for giving my daughter an amazing smile. The staff at Sadowski Orthodontics is both professional and very kind. Dr. Sadowski we can't thank you enough for all the work you put in to make Angela's smile perfect :D Thank you!” – Theresa Schreffler

“My experience with Dr. Sadowski has been nothing short of miraculous! I've only been wearing my braces four short months, and WOW what a difference! I'm already smiling more. I can't wait to see what new changes the next couple of months bring =) Thank you over and over again to Dr. Sadowski and his amazing staff!!” – Julia Plesnarski

Frank Katie Blozusky“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ... I'm so excited ... I love them!!!” – Rachel Ertle

“Dr. Sadowski is very professional and extremely kind to his patients. He is genuinely interested in the children and inquires about the activities they participate in. Also Dr. Sadowski’s staff is always helpful and accommodating with scheduling appointments because they realize all families with adolescents are busy. The office staff is always available to answer questions about either the orthodontic care or billing and insurance information. My son, Max, receives many compliments on his smile. I know that all three of my children are receiving excelling care.” – Margaret Comfort

“I just got braces on this month very nice place :) Can’t wait to see my new smile :).” – Bobbi Lynn Singh

“I would like to thank all of the people who work at Sadowski Orthodontics. They are always professional and helpful. I thought my son, Michael, was going to have to have teeth pulled as his were a mess. Dr. Sadowski did a wonderful job with his teeth and we never had a problem or complaint. Anytime there was a concern my son was always seen and taken care of in a timely manner. I would highly recommend this office to anyone who is considering braces. – Jacqui Urban

“Yay!! Dr. Sadowski made my teeth amazing!! :)” – Jaycie Brown

“Everyone at Dr. Sadowski's office is very friendly and great! My daughter Hannah got her braces on in FebruaryMackenzie Tran and her teeth have improved so much already. All of my children love coming to her visits. They think the place is really neat and they know and love Katina. Thank you for making Hannah smile more! Hannah also loved that her picture was on the scrolling billboard outside your office. All of her friends saw it and thought it was so cool!!!” – Becky Leskin

“My daughter just got her braces on. She smiles so much more now. Everybody at the office is so nice to us and they let us watch everything they do. It's so exciting watching her face change. Thank you for everything that you have done and will do.” – Debbie MacQueen

“We absolutely loved Dr. Sadowski and his lovely staff! Thanks for making my daughter's teeth look great!” – Kimberly Ulsh

“Dr. Sadowski and his staff are the most respectful people I have ever met in the medical field. They are always accommodating and very helpful. Dr. Sadowski made my son's teeth perfect. I recommend him to everyone I know looking for an orthodontist. Keep up the good work!!!!” – Cindy Paxson

“My daughter Aysia has only been with you guys for a short while, but she loves going. We all do! You are so friendly and inviting. Thanks!!!” – Greer Centeno

“Dr. Sadowski put braces on my teeth 10 years ago, now I have my twins going to him! – Jennifer Emerich-Long

“My daughter has been going to Dr. Sadowski’s office for about a year and the staff and Dr. Sadowski are super friendly. They are all very knowledgeable and ready to accept any challenge!! – Christine Zerbe